Just How Clearly Can You See?

At any time, it is important that you have a clear view of the road ahead and behind you.† We are really getting into that wet weather and sloppy road season now, and if you havenít replaced your wiper blades within the last six months, make it a priority to have them replaced today.

Wipers play a major role in safe driving, as the chance of an accident increases if you canít see.† Your wiper system keeps excessive water, snow and dirt from building up on the windshield and maintains clear visibility.

Many factors can accelerate the replacement interval of wipers, including operating conditions (winter conditions are tough on wiper blades), frequency of use, material and type of wipers and sunny weather.

And donít forget to keep your windshield washer fluid reservoir topped up and a spare jug in the trunk!

If you detect any problem with your car’s wipers, have them checked out at once. Keep your vehicle’s wiper system properly cared for to help ensure a safer ride and keep the road ahead well lit.

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