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When choosing where to have your vehicle serviced, you must consider the quality of workmanship being performed. TECH-NET PROFESSIONAL AUTO SERVICE® centers protect your new car warranty and are committed to providing a successful and pleasant automotive service experience. TECH-NET PROFESSIONAL AUTO SERVICE® centers have the equipment and technology to diagnose and repair your import, domestic or hybrid vehicles.

Offer Your Customers The Never, Ever Be Stranded Again Promise

We’ve made it easy for you to offer the ToYourRescue™ Roadside Assistance Program to your customers, and even easier for your customers to access help anytime, day or night, with a flat, lost keys, empty tanks, a dead battery or for a tow. The program is included with your membership and offers a variety of point-of-sale materials to help you effectively advertise this complimentary roadside assistance program to your customers!

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440 Ecclestone Drive - Unit 5 - Bracebridge, Ontario P1L 1Z6 Phone: (705) 646 2297
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Feel confident about bringing your vehicle to us for it's servicing needs.

Call us to book an appointment with the confidence knowing you're in the right hands."

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