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Two Guys Auto Service
440 Ecclestone Dr. Unit 5
Bracebridge, ON P1L 1Z6
45.0182678 -79.3137131
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152 reviews
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  Dave 03/20/2014
Best auto service shop in the area, honest, professional, personable and efficient, highly recommended.
  Dan 01/23/2014
Very impressed with quality of service & professionalism. Written quotes provided before work is done. If any additional work is suggested, detailed explanation of what, why and options available.
  Bob 12/26/2013
Outstanding,caring and reliable service. The best auto service I have experienced in almost 50 years of owning an automobile.
  Dan 12/05/2013
Great service. Always gives me options and always delivers at quote or lower.
  Susan 10/10/2013
You have been extremely helpful to me and everyone has been a pleasure to deal with
  Heather 06/07/2019
Awesome idea to store tires n rims for the season. Great service drop off and pick up from work. H8ghly recommend
  John 01/25/2019
  John 05/10/2018
I like the fact that you don't seem to overbook and most app't are kept on time and I also like that your shop is kept clean and your inspections are thorough.
  Pat 10/09/2016
Always appreciate the professional service that I receive from your team!
  Scott 10/22/2015
I took my car in recently for suspension work. I found friendly customer service and capable technicians. Work was completed on time and true to estimate.
  Morley 05/22/2014
The service we receive from Two Guys Auto is always top quality, there prices are fair and they know my car and its quirks.
  Nadine 08/14/2014
I was a little set back by the lady who had answered the telephone in the beginning as It seemed I had to push her to get a price with using synthetic oil as I had purchased the special deal that they came around with for 2 oil changes for $30. I explained I only put synthetic in and I would pay for that, but she started with saying well then you have to pay for that type of oil change. I had to keep explaing to her what I wanted eventually she figured it out but did not seem to happy about it. Found the girl not the most pleasant to deal with. But on another noteThe gentleman who picked me up and dropped me off was a great guy! He told me the truck was in good condition but does need brakes and 2 front calipers. I mentioned I had the caliper replaced last winter already. He seemed surprised. WELL so was I when I got the quote on things that needed to be done I was a little thrown back. truck. I have checked out prices for the same things you quoted and have found them to be cheaper else where. Oh and I did find the receipt of the Caliper being replaced last winter and it was a new one and it is already gone? To me it looks like I need a new veichle. Well estimate was $2855.06 and all I went in with was a oil change. Hope others have better luck than me. :(
Shop Comment
I'm sorry your experience wasn't what you expected Nadine. We do pride ourselves on our customer service and hope you will give us another opportunity to look after your vehicle. We always identify any problems or deficiencies with a customer's vehicle and provide them with an estimate. This is to empower you as the owner of the vehicle, to know what condition it is in and what the cost to repair would be. We strive to keep you informed but the decision to do any work is ALWAYS your choice. If you had a caliper replaced somewhere else last winter, then by all means you should go back to them and ask them to reinspect. We offer our customers a 12 month warranty on most parts & labour and if we had originally installed the caliper that failed, would replace it under warranty at no cost to you. Hope this info helps!
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440 Ecclestone Dr. Unit 5
Bracebridge, ON P1L 1Z6
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